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Bed Styling 101: How to Create a Cozy Designer-Worthy Bed

Bed styling by Lucyshyns Designs Ontario Canada Interior Designer, Handmade pillows in Ontario Canada by Lucyshyn Designs Interior Design Grimsby Canada. Bed Styling 101: interior design tips for a beautifully styled bed.

What is it about a beautifully styled, cozy-looking bed that just makes the world feel right? Right?!? Like, all of a sudden I’m so much more relaxed, I’m craving hot tea and my best pair of slippers, and all of my troubles have just melted away. Well… almost! Haha

But bed styling can be a lot trickier than it seems. Maybe you’ve tried to put together a styled bed, but nothing fell into place and everything was just off.

Never fear! I’ve got some interior designer tips for bed styling that will not let you down. So let’s skip the long intro and jump straight into my top 5 designer tips for bed styling so you can soak in alllll the coziness!

The first bed styling tip: get the sheets you want!

Listen: I don’t think that you need to spend an arm and a leg to have a cozy, beautifully styled bed. BUT! The one layer where I believe you should treat yourself is the sheets.

This is the layer you will slip into every night and be hugged by all night long - SO GET THE SHEETS YOU LIKE!

This doesn’t necessarily mean go out and buy the most expensive sheets with the highest thread count you can find. It just means that you should invest in sheets that make you feel the most cozy and comfortable! Whether that’s percale, Egyptian cotton, bamboo, linen, jersey, etc. Pick YOUR best fit and don’t settle!

Coordinating NOT matching

One thing that always makes a bed look designer-worthy is the mixing of all the bed elements. There’s a time and place for the matching sheet/pillow/comforter sets - and that time and place is college! Haha

I suggest sticking to a color palette of three: two dominant neutrals and one accent. I’ve included some of my favorite bed styling color combos below! And if your looking for even more inspo, check out these other color combinations that create cohesion!